Z400 Sliding System

Comfort and view
The Z400 sliding system is ideal for creating a large opening, as it is a sliding system of a new philosophy that maximizes the view to the outside. The system has a very low threshold, with a height of only 7mm, while the intermediate vertical profiles of the system are only 15mm wide, allowing unobstructed outside view. The profile is suitable for both sliding windows and sliding doors.

The main advantage of the system is that each sheet is only 17mm wide, allowing the placement of up to 10 sliding sheets with a total width of just 10 cm. This unique glazing system is easy and flexible to use for any outdoor space. Maximum glazing thickness: 8mm.

The Z400 system is ideal for defining your professional space, office, cafe or restaurant, making your space suitable for summer and winter. You can also combine the Z400 system with an awning. The frames use single or double wheels, which allow you to create the openings of your space exactly as you wish.




Technical details

  • The frames are made of aluminum alloy EN AW 6063 in natural anodizing.
  • Variety of colors.
  • Installation of glass, polycarbonate and other materials.
  • Variety of handles and locks.


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