Synthetic Shutters

Shutters that are used as covers on your doors or windows are used to block light, to protect from prying eyes and for security reasons.

The raw material of the profiles of the synthetic folding shutters of the company Leoplast is hard PVC, of ​​external use specifications, enriched with sun protection (to avoid discoloration) and reinforced with anti-shock for impact resistance.


Its maintenance is simple and no special instructions are required. Its main advantage is that it can be cleaned easily and quickly as the water does not create any particular problem in its parts.

Its quality and construction materials are what classify it as the most economical and reliable solution with maximum life and the lowest cost of long-term maintenance, combined with high aesthetics.

Available in a wide variety of colors and textures.


The synthetic folding shutter systems of the company Leoplast meet the requirements of Directive 89/106 / EC and are fully harmonized with the European standards ΕΝ14351-1 / 2006 & Α1 / 2010, ΕΝ1026 / 2000, ΕΝ1027 / 2000 concerning their construction.

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